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I commute most days, 32 round trip miles with about 2000 feet of climbing.

Best part is the climb up Torrey Pines Hill.

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Titanium BicycleSheldon Brown photo

My main bike, Douglas titanium frame with Reynolds carbon fiber fork - does everthing ok, not the lightest, stiffest or most comfortable, but a great balance of all.

Sheldon Brown photo

Fully loaded commuter cockpit - HID light, Watt meter, GPS, Air-Horn.

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Sheldon Brown photo

Sheldon Brown photo

Drive train (as if you care) Ultegra triple crank, Dura-Ace rear derailleur, Dura-Ace pedals, Dura-Ace chain, 105 brakes, Ultegra and 105 shifters and my new, favorite cassette: SRAM 11-26.

AirnimalSheldon Brown photo

This is my new travel bike.

TandemSheldon Brown photo

Cannondale Tandem. Not sure what year the frame is - 1995? - 9 speed components - Dura Ace bar end shifters, Campagnolo Mirage Triple crankset, Shimano Dura Ace pedals, Magura Hydaulic Rim Brakes, Velocity Fusion Wheels, Continental 4 Season 28c tires, SRAM 11 - 26 cassette, Koobi saddles (stoker has the PRS suspension).

AegisSheldon Brown photo

An Aegis carbon fiber bike. Comfy.

DanubeSheldon Brown photoSheldon Brown photoSheldon Brown photo

Setting up Scalable City at Ars Elecronica, I took daily long rides up and down the Danube.

Tour de Poway
Sheldon Brown photo

Century around San Diego County - very nice.

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